The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) welcomes members of the media to the IUMI 2018 South Africa Conference!

Business as per “new normal” in Cape Town despite drought 

The IUMI 2018 Organising Committee is aware of the news reports that have served to focus our minds on the challenges faced by Cape Town regarding water supply due to a serious drought. As a committee on the ground working in collaboration with all other stakeholders in Cape Town, including the conference venue management at the CTICC, as well as the management of the various IUMI Conference 2018 partner hotels, we would like to assure you that there will be minimal, if any, water supply interruption during your stay in the Mother City.

Cape Town with its unique natural endowments is a major tourist city with over 300 000 people employed in the hospitality industry. The announcement of “Day Zero” was only aimed at driving a change in behaviour in terms of water utilisation within the Cape Town community. The city authorities are acutely aware of the impact this may have on the hospitality industry in the very unlikely event of the city running dry, which is why all efforts are being made to prevent this scenario.

Please do keep in mind that the Western Cape climate is typically Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and mild, moist winters and low summer rainfall prevails. The bulk of the city’s water is gathered during its winter rainfalls starting in May/June and the wide expectation is that we will have enough water to service the city come September 2018.

Even in the unlikely event that regular water supply is turned off, it is important to note that the CBD (Central Business District), where our conference venue and recommended hotels are situated, and where our functions will be taking place, will still have access to water for essential needs.

In addition, all our facilities have contingency arrangements in place to ensure as little disruption and inconvenience as possible to our guests and delegates, as do most restaurants, businesses, and local residents.

Having said the above, local Capetonians and visitors to Cape Town are requested to remain mindful of the fact that Cape Town – as is most of South Africa - is one of the water scarce places in the world, and the “new normal” in Cape Town is to treat water with respect.

So please, don’t deprive yourself of the wonderful opportunity to experience the IUMI Conference in Cape Town!

We will be posting regular updates on the situation on this site, as well as direct mailers. 

We are looking forward to hosting you!


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